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News : Partnership Solutions for Mining and Construction Sectors

22 Mon, Jun 2015

Partnership Solutions for Mining and Construction Sectors

Parts Sales Botswana is fast carving a niche for itself in the market for earthmoving, road-building and construction ma- chinery. It has been a year since Parts Sales Botswana signed a sole distribution agreement with SHANTUI, the giant earthmoving manufacturer in China, with the former supplying and providing service and support of their earthmoving equipment division.

Parts Sales Botswana's Managing Director, Mike Denbury, is ex- tremely happy and confident in the Shantui machinery, in particular the bulldozers. And it seems that this confidence is not only felt by the team at Parts Sales, but by many companies around the world; as this year SHANTUI passed Komatsu as the world's 2nd largest seller of Bulldozers.


In 1990 SHANTUI bulldozers earned the unique domestic gold medal in the industry for its bulldozers in China.To date SHANTUI has been awarded the 'Chinese Famous Brand' award, and its prod- ucts have been exported to more than 100 countries worldwide. This has been an exciting period for the Parts Sales, as SHANTUI's designs, which are based on proven technology, and with more than 30 years experience in bulldozer manufacturing, have proven to be extremely popular with the local market.


"The SHANTUI products are quality, market tested products which are offered at extremely competitive, value-for-money prices," says Mike. Mike also believes that that in today's tough eco- nomic climate, those that want to stay competitive will have to look at ways of cutting costs, and believe it is only a matter of time before the construction and mining companies in Botswana realize that by choosing SHANTUI, they can do the same job, with the same success - for almost half the price, making themselves a lot more competitive in the current maret.


Mike Denbury also explained that the Shantui products were reliable, ef- ficient with proven mechanics which made them easy to service and main- tain. The machines are equipped with Cummins engines, and do not come with the fancy electronics you get on most machines nowadays, meaning you don't have to send up a technician with a laptop to fix them.


He also added that the fact that they were less costly than their competitors did not mean they had faults. "There is a certain belief among us that Chinese products are cheap and therefore they are sub standard and don't perform well. After visiting the Shantui plant in China, I was extremely impressed and can say there is nothing at all wrong with the machines and in fact, they seem to be lot easier to main- tain and serviceable on site rather than having to bring them to a service center." Parts Sales Botswana prides itself on excellent after sales service to its customers. "Service is critical to our business, and when itcomes to some of this equipment, service has to be done onsite. You cannot expect these machines to be brought to you for ser- vice, you have to go out to site to service them," said Denbury.


With the prospect of a number of mining projects to be given the go ahead in the next few years, it is definitely exciting times ahead for a company which has been in operation in Botswana for over 25 years. With an ever-expanding team of qualified staff, Parts Sales Botswana will be looking to continue their commitment to the people of Botswana, in offering a service which is second to none. There is no doubt that Parts Sales Botswana will be able to grow on their already impressive reputation as a customer care driven company, and continue to use its commitment to its customers, and service excellence as its competitive edge.


Denbury explained that while there are over 65 Shantui machines currently in operation in Botswana, seeing a world re- nowned brand, such as SHANTUI, arrive at our doorstep in Gaborone over a year ago was an extremely exhilarating and exciting moment for all of his staff. He also noted that they will not only be distributing SHANTUI's world class Bulldozers, but will also be showcasing and distributing their other proven product lines, which include; the wheel loader series, excavator series and mo- tor grader series. "The vision of Parts Sales Botswana is to make SHANTUI a top-of-mind brand when considering construction and mining equipment in Botswana. We will continue to strive to provide customers with proper parts backup and technical expertise, supporting them throughout the lifespan of their equipment." Says Denbury.