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F6-4W - 8.4 tonnes

Operating Mass: 8,400 kg
Hopper Capacity: 10t
Flow Through: 250t/h
Std. paving width: 1.7m
Max. paving width: 4.10m
Max. Layer thickness: 270mm
Rated output (hp): 71

F121WD - 16.5 tonnes

Operating mass: 2853 / 2873 kg
Rated Operating Capacity: (ROC) 895 kg
Tipping Load: 1,872 kg
Height to Bucket hinge-pin: 3002mm 
Engine Model: Kubota V2203
Rated Power: 34.3 kW

F141WD - 16.7 tonnes

Operating Mass: 16,700 kg
Hopper Capacity: 13t
Flow Through: 750t/h
Std. paving width: 2.55m
Max. paving width: 7.30m
Max. Layer thickness: 300mm
Rated output (hp): 188